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PHONE(480) 577-3785

Jeanette Jacknin M.D.

Holistic Dermatologist Consultant
Professional Speaker
Brand Ambassador

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long has Dr. Jacknin been on medterra’s medical advisory board?

    Dr. Jacknin was the first MD on Medterra’s medical advisory board, and has been for five years

  • Where is the medterra’s industrial hemp coming from?

    Medterra’s industrial hemp is grown in Kentucky within the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of agriculture. It is non-GMO, U S Hemp Authority certified, and third-party tested and is highly regarded in the CBD industry.

  • How can medterra products help me?

    Medterra’s products can help with focus, immune boost, pain, relaxation, and sleep.
    They also have a full line of pet products for joint support, calming, and immune support.

  • What presentations does medterra offer on its products?

    Medterra’s products come in the form of tinctures, capsules, pain relief roll-on, and pain relief cream.

  • Do you know the difference between full spectrum, isolate spectrum and ultra broad-spectrum CBD products?

    Full spectrum has CBD, THC and minor cannabinoids, isolate spectrum has CBD only, and ultra broad-spectrum has CBD and minor cannabinoids but no THC.