19 Feb 2019

US and Canadian National Press Interview Dr. Jacknin in 2018

2018 was a big year for national press coverage of Dr. Jacknin’s talks and timely information about CBD for Beauty and Skin Disorders. In February 2018, she was the first dermatologist to talk about the science behind topical cannabinoids in skin care at the AAD. Afterwards she was interviewed by the American Academy of Dermatology Dialogues in Dermatology, MJBiz Daily, Healthline, Health Daily, Pain Week and Elsevier’s Practice Update.

Later that year she was interviewed by The Washington Post, The New York Times online, InStyle online, Marijuana.com, High Times, Canada’s The Globe and Mail, and Women in Weed, as well as other prominent magazines. In 2019 she has been interviewed by Vogue, Success, Medmen, La Presse and other international magazines.

So great to be getting the word out about the science behind CBD and other cannabinoids and skin care!