08 Sep 2017

More Colleges Adding Courses in Marijuana

This is from Marijuanas Stocks, http://marijuanastocks.com/colleges-universities-are-adding-marijuana-classes-to-their-curriculum/.   I thought it was a very interesting article:

Throughout the United States, more and more universities are starting to offer marijuana stocks classes to students interesting in learning more about the plant. Marijuana has quickly emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry, with an advancing number of states looking to capitalize off  of the green rush.

With so many people, looking to get in on the action, we are seeing a ton of new innovative products and companies surfacing, keeping the U.S. economy above water. So it all makes sense that as marijuana increasingly looks to saturate American life, it’s getting more representation in the world of academia.

Colleges and Universities across the United States are beginning to offer courses in the hope of investigating deeper into the legal and biological consequences of marijuana use. According to an article in Forbes, institutions such as Ohio State University, University of Vermont and the University of California, David are now offering a class on the it’s biology and use of marijuana as well as legal issues around it. Students have the ability to choose whether you want to earn credits towards their final degrees from these marijuana seminars or not.

At the University of Vermont, students can study Medical Marijuana at a graduate level, this is a program that focuses on Cannabis chemistry its effects and the emerging therapeutic uses, combined with the political and socioeconomic influences on marijuana laws.

“Educating people about the science of cannabis and the legal issues surrounding it allows people to enter the industry in a more legitimate way, equipped with real data and real knowledge, not myths,”” cannabis industry consultant Shannon Vetto states.

Currently, in the United States, there are two cannabis colleges, the THC University and the Cannabis Training University. Though the fact the traditional academic institutions are starting to recognize the value in R&D of cannabis shows the legitimacy of this booming industry.