18 Jan 2018

Hemp oil in the Beauty Industry..”New” Again After Thousands of Years.

 While it seems like “cannabis beauty” is a sudden trend, it’s nothing new, with Eastern cultures including China using these effective ingredients for thousands of years. Hemp oil has trace levels of THC  and is heavy in omega fatty acids, which are essential for moisturizing dull skin. Fatty acids in hemp oil also help regenerate the skin’s protective outer layer, leaving it smoother and younger looking. Cannabis creams cannot get you high. They aren’t designed to penetrate the skin or enter the bloodstream. Besides CBD, a cannabinoid, hemp oil contains vitamins C and E to help protect hair from broken or split ends and protect skin and hair against damage from the sun. They also keep free radicals from damaging collagen and elastin, which, as you know, gives skin its tight, youthful appearance.  B complex vitamins found in hemp are part of the construction process of skin, hair, and nails. Vitamins A and D in hemp oil help with healthy looking skin, as they are responsible for skin repair.  Additionally, vitamin A is widely accepted as important for skin cell growth, inhibiting oil production, and promoting skin cell differentiation